Sports Team Conditioning

FEALEFIT Sports team conditioning can prepare a training schedule to suit your team!

FealeFit has the advantage & benefit of two highly qualified fitness / sports professionals with different qualifications and backgrounds.
Shane and Kadie both have the same goal which is to help your team achieve winning results both on and off the field of play.

Dont waste precious training hours!

Improve your training programme and I guarantee your team will see the results!

Benefits of FealeFit Sports Team Conditioning:
* Increase team fitness * Team Screening * Periodisation (mapping out season training)
* Hypertropy (muscle gain) * Strength * Explosive Power
* Core Strength * Flexibility * Injury Prevention or Rehabilitation
* Stamina * Plyometric Training * Mutritional Advice
FealeFit Pricing Plan
Player Functional Athletic Screening: €10 per player
Functional Screening Exercise Prescription: €60+ per team session (Time Dependent)
Team Fitness Testing: €100 per session
Team Conditioning Session – Gym / Field: €60 per session
Sports Injury Therapy: Club rates
Your club can avail of all the above services individually ie.
Get your players assessed or avail of fitness testing every 6-8 weeks without the conditioning.

“Everyone has the desire to win,
but only champions have the desire to prepare.”

The Functional Athletic Screening procedure is a test of how an athlete moves.

Screening athletes is an assessment tool that has been used by sport coaches /managers to assist in improving performance. The aims of screening are to highlight specific areas where athletes can adjust components of their training in order to gain improvement.

The downfall of most screening procedures is that this is the limit as to where they go. Where the screening procedure we offer differs is that not only are we highlighting the athlete’s movement deficiencies, we are also highlighting the reason for such deficiencies and giving the solutions as to how these can be rectified.

Exercise Prescription

After the Functional Athletic Screening and Musculoskeletal Assessment the athlete will present with identification of any movement dysfunction and reason for the dysfunction.

They will then be supplied with a specific exercise program to address any Musculoskeletal issues (such as reduced flexibility or stability) and also an exercise programme to improve their movement skills (such as lunging, squatting correctly).

Exercises can consist of :
* Stretches
* Mobility Excercises
* Core Stability Work
* Functional Exercises
* Movement Re-education
* Endurance Excercises
* Power Drills

Fitness Testing

Fitness testing is the best way of finding out what type of condition the members of your squad are in. Pre season is the ideal time to do this so when these tests are performed and results are recorded the players can be re-tested in six to eight week periods, to see which players have improved and what areas they have improved in.

There are numerous tests for different areas in sport, such as, stamina, strength, flexibility, explosive power, agility, speed and body fat testing. They are easy to perform and could be completed in a single training session depending on the size of your squad.

Tests :
* FLEXIBILITY: Sit & reach, dynamic stretching
* ENDURANCE: Multi stage bleep test, shuttle run test.
* AGILITY: Lateral change of direction, hexagonal jump test
* STRENGTH: Bench press, crunch, press-up, squat
* SPEED & POWER: 20, 40, 60 meter sprint, vertical jump test

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