Fitness Classes - Shane O'Connor

Shane is a native of Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick
& co-owner of FealeFit.

He is completely devoted to helping men, women & children achieve their health, fitness and sporting goals.

Shane is vastly experienced & qualfied in many areas of health and fitness which enables him to offer a great variety of Fitness classes & Personal Training to the public which include:

Fitbody Bootcamp
Total Tone
Ladies Weightlifting
Teen Tone
MMA Conditioning Circuit
Little Athletics
Barbell Burn
Turbo Training
Couch to 5k Training
On- field & off field sports team conditioning
Functional Assessments

Shane understands the physical & mental benefits exercise can have on a person’s well being.

The most important element of fitness is having fun & Shane tries to incorporate that fun side into all his classes while ensuring everyone leaves having achieved they’re fitness goals.

Shane has a great passion for sport and an extensive knowledge of Sports Conditioning and understands the importance & benefits of long term development with regards to getting children as well as adults involved in a variety of different exercise.

Shane is currently Player Development Officer & Child Welfare Officer with Abbeyfeale United F.C and currently on the Coaching ladder with the FAI, IRFU, Irish Weightlifting and Athletics Ireland.

Shane is also an active member within Community Development Projects as well as organising & raising awareness for Charity Events.

Little Athletics

Little Athletics is a program designed to address the specific physical requirements of children in the 5-10 year old age bracket.
Little Athletics recognises that children vary widely in shape, size and athletic ability, and is thus one of few sports that successfully caters for them all.

Total Tone Body Conditioning

Total Tone is a Calorie Torching, Tummy Tucking, Booty Toning Aerobic style workout. Total Tone is fun, energetic and suitable for all levels and most importantly produces great results  by combining total body conditioning & core training in a group fitness environment.


Learn a wide variety of Resistance exercises utilising Kettlebells / Dumbbells & Barbells and learn how to lift in a safe & effective manner while improving your functional movement!

Kettlebell 30:

30 minute Kettlebell class in F45 style.
10 x exercises / 3 rds. Include: Resistance, Cardio & Core.

Men's Circuit Class:

Fun circuit specifically designed for men of all levels of fitness to improve Fitness, Strenght & Weight loss.
Barbell burn emphasise a wide range of muscle groups, including back muscles, core muscles, shoulders, arms and legs.

Pilates / Yoga & Functional Movement:

Aims of class are to introduce and individual to the Principles of Pilates for improved Core Control, Strength & Morning Mobility Exercises that will enhance your everyday movement patterns and also touching on principles of Yoga that will improve hip mobility and functionality.

Conditioning Circuit:

5 x 5min Rounds of Strength & Conditioning exercises.
Fun 30 min workout & suitable for all levels.

Fitness Classes