What FealeFit Kids has to offer..

• Easter Summer and Halloween Camps

• Little Athletics every Monday 5pm

• FealeFit Kids every Wednesday 4pm

FealeFit Kids Camps & Fealefit Kids Class

Fealefit Kids Camps & Classes are the most fun and exciting multi-activity camps & classes available to cater for your child's needs and interests.
Boys and girls between the age of 5 and 13 can enjoy action packed and fun-filled days of activity during the Easter, Summer and Halloween breaks and the Fealefit Kids Class which runs weekly. Our goal at Fealefit is to ensure that the children are constantly active and have a chance to experience a wide range of activities.
Little Athletics

Little Athletics is a program designed to address the specific physical requirements of children in the 5-10 year old age bracket.
Little Athletics recognises that children vary widely in shape, size and athletic ability, and is thus one of few sports that successfully caters for them all
Our goal at Fealefit in to ensure that children are constantly active and have a chance to experience a diverse range of activities.
Activities are all Game - based which optimises learning, encourages social interaction and enhances friendships, and most importantly imroves physical & phychological well being.

Shane understands the importance & benefits of long term development with regards to getting children as well as adults involved in a variety of different exercise.

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