Push yourself to the limit !
With a new, exciting military style training !

Enlist in the Fealefit Bootcamp for extreme results !     Suitable for all levels !

Located opposite Ruby's Nightclub, Fealesbridge, Abbeyfeale

Are you tough enough for Fealefit Bootcamp ?

The Fealefit Bootcamp Assault Course is rustic, tough and designed to condition and test the endurance of participants who seek the thrill of a challenge.

The Bootcamp also holds regular events and time trials. We are open to individuals & teams, as well as corporate parties, stags and hens etc. to participate and compete for fastest times

Participants will compete for the ultimate reward of the Fealefit Time Trial Trophy.

Great for Team Building !

including ..
Develops Leadership - By enriching the qualities for any winning team.
Team Building - The team has to rely on each other to work as a unit to complete the course. This transforms directly to the sporting field.
Team Bonding - Close encounters with the challenge course inspires direction and focus for team development.
Ideal for Sports clubs - The Fealefit Assault Course is an ideal way to break the train-match train-match cycle, and is great fun for any time of the year.
A great outdoor alternative - Helps prevent boredom in the gym, and provides a refreshing change to just running around the pitch !
Helps your team get focussed, tuned in and enthusiastic to train.

Gain excellent physical & mental health benefits !

including ..
Total Body Toning - every muscle group is worked when tackling the assault course, whilst enhancing balance and co-ordination
Weightloss - High intensity training, guaranteed to torch that stubborn bodyfat !
Builds Strength, Speed & Endurance - The variation of physical challenges help to develop a more balanced, stronger you.
Confidence Building - The ability to self-motivate and give confidence to other team members towards a common goal, promotes team confidence to overcome competitive adversity.

To join the Fealefit Bootcamp, or for more info, call: Shane - 087 2891015 or Kadie - 087 7771552