Sports Injury Therapy - Kadie Colbert

Kadie Colbert lives in Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick
& is co-owner of FealeFit.

Having established a very loyal client base throughout her career, Kadie is well-reknowned locally for the great attention to detail & thoroughness that she espouses when dealing with her customers & clients.

Kadie is highly experienced in the areas of health & fitness, and is qualified in a vast range of areas, including:

• Fitness Instruction
• Personal Training
• Swimming Instruction
• Aqua Aerobics Teaching
• Massage Therapy
• Sports Massage
• Sports Injury Therapy
• Boxercise Instruction (Children & Adults)
• Kinesiology Taping

Within FealeFit, Kadie specialises in the areas of Sports Injury Therapy (Sports Specific Injuries as well as General Public), Deep Tissue Massage and Personal Training. However she is also involved in running the following:

• Boxercise Classes for Children
• FealeFitter Group Exercise Classes
• TeenTone Exercise Classes
• Couch to 5K Training

(Couch to 5K Training is operated free of  charge by FealeFit)

Kadie's passion for what she does is evident, not only through her astounding professional profile, but also in the volumes of work that Kadie undertakes of her own accord in order to help those who may require her help and attention.

Kadie has taken part, and organised the participation of many others, in a vast range of charity events that aim to raise money for many different causes.

For example, Kadie has recently been involved in raising money for Pieta House Suicide Awareness by taking part in their Darkness Into Light 5K Run.
She has also recently participated in raising awareness for Down Syndrome Ireland.

Aside of being continuously involved in all of this fantastic charity work, Kadie also strives to improve the general well-being of the local community by organising motivational and positive thinking talks in cooperation with Martina Walsh.

Recent speakers at FealeFit include Eileen Clair 'Love Yourself, Heal Your Life' and Moira Geary.
Sports Injury Therapy

As any dedicated athlete or sportsperson will know, all those tough training sessions and games are bound to leave your muscles feeling tired and strained at some point in your sporting career.
In order to maintain optimum muscle health, and in turn optimum performance, it is vital that one alleviate the stress and strain which builds up in soft tissue following repeated sessions of strenuous physical activity.

Sports Injury Therapy is undoubtedly the most effective way to release this sometimes debilitating tension.
By massaging the affected areas, the sports injury therapist effectively aids in the recovery of their client by:

Reducing the painful swelling that naturally occurs as the body's natural response to an injury.
Increasing the flow of blood to the affected area meaning that the healing nutrients that naturally occur in the body, and oxygen, are allowed more freely into the affected area, therefore aiding and reducing recovery time.
Increasing and maintaining the flexibility of the affected area.
Removing the toxins and waste that may have built up in the muscles.

It is not only athletes that can benefit from Sports Injury Therapy !
Most people whether they engage in sports activities or not will fall victim to some form of muscular strain or injury at some point in their lives, and Sports Injury Therapy is guaranteed to have the same astounding effect whatever the causes of injury may be.

Kadie Colbert, an acclaimed Sports Injury Therapist, offers a very thorough and non judgemental service to all those affected by muscular injury at her base in FealeFit.
So whether your injury is the result of over strenuous physical activity or not, don't suffer any longer...
Relief is only a quick phone call away !

Deep Tissue Massage

In todays high paced and pressurised society, it is understandable that many of us at some stage in our lives will experience tense and painful muscles which can cause a great deal of discomfort, therefore inhibiting us from carrying out the most menial of tasks.
There are many reasons for which a person may experience deep muscular or tissue pain.
Whilst these pains are often attributed to physical activity, they may also be the result of many other things such as stress, bad posture, anxiety, etc.

Deep Tissue Massage is a very effective form of massage which works by realigning and relieving tension in muscles and connective tissues by employing several different movements and strokes.
Recreational massages, whilst they might be relaxing, often do not succeed in relieving these pains, as they only touch on the surface of the affected area.
Deep Tissue Massage on the other hand, aids in relieving this muscular pain and tension by penetrating the lower depths of the muscles, hence providing immediate and lasting relief.

Deep Tissue Massage is also effective in helping and providing relief from a wide range of conditions including:

Disturbed Sleep Patterns
Stress / Anxiety

Kadie Colbert, through her highly effective Deep Tissue Massage Therapy techniques, has been successful in helping an immeasurable number of people to find the relief that they have been seeking for so long from conditions that have stopped them from functioning at their optimum levels.
The results have been life changing for many of these people, and they can be life changing for you too, so why wait ?

If you suffer from any of the afforementioned conditions and/or muscle tension & tightness, then contact Kadie Colbert on 087-7771552 and make an appointmenttoday !

Personal Training

Are you finding it hard to shed those extra few pounds ? Are you suffering from lack of motivation ?
Do you need to step up your fitness routine ? If so then Personal Training is what you need !

Personal Training involves working on a one-to-one basis with a highly qualified personal trainer in order to achieve one's own weight loss or fitness goals.
Because a personal trainer can put together a uniquely tailored and personalised exercise plan, one can be assured that they will achieve maximum results in minimum time.

The benefits of working with a personal trainer extend far beyond the benefits of non-supervised fitness training. These include:

Motivation -
Your personal trainer is always there to cheer you on when the going gets tough
Safety -
As your personal trainer is extremely familiar with a vast number of different exercises, you can work out without fear of injury, whilst at the same time ensuring that you are achieving maximum results.
Variety -
As the exercises are tailored to suit your personal needs, you will never get tired of doing that same old boring routine

Gone are the days when only celebrities enjoyed personal training services. The results that you have only ever dreamed of are now only one step away thanks to the innovative and exciting personal training services now offered by Kadie Colbert in FealeFit.

At affordable and competitive prices, you can finally say goodbye to the boring and menacing exercise regimes that have been holding you back, and welcome a new & effective workout plan that will help you to achieve your goals faster than you could ever have imagined.

The time is now ! Contact
Kadie on 087-7771552 to make an appointment.